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How do I apply?


Follow the link to start and submit your application.


Are there
any media restrictions, or can any artist apply?


There are no restrictions on media. Any visual artist can apply.

When is the submission deadline?


The submission deadline is March 31, 2024, 11:59PM. The submission portal will stop accepting applications at that time.

What is on the application form & how long does it take?


The application is short and can be completed in under 20 minutes.

To apply you only have to submit this information:

  • Name, email, address and phone number

  • Instagram/social media info (optional)

  • Website (optional)

  • Up to 5 images or video attachments

  • Artwork captions

  • Artist Statement (max 300 words)

  • Biography/CV (optional)

If I applied previously, do I need to re-apply, or can I re-submit my earlier application?

If you applied in 2022 or 2023 and would like to re-submit your earlier application, email us at, and we will take care of it. You will then have the option to make changes to your application, if you would like to do so.
Note: We will not automatically re-submit previous applications. If you would like us to d
o so, please let us know before the March 31 deadline.






Is there an application fee?



Are there any requirements for prize winners?


Artists may use their prize for any purpose they wish. There are no restrictions.

How much is the prize?


One winner will receive a prize of $5,000, and their work will be showcased and archived on and on social media.

How often are awards given out?


The Vermont Prize is awarded annually.

Do I retain the copyright to the work I submit?


Yes, artists retain the copyright to their work.

I haven’t received notification about the status of my application, should I contact The Vermont Prize?

You will receive an automatic confirmation once you have completed your submission. If you do not receive an automated response, please email Please only contact us if you do not receive this automated email. You will also receive an email announcing the prize winner by June 30, 2024.  We regret we cannot provide updates on individual submissions.

I work with a partner / collaborative / collective. Are we eligible?


Yes, the Prize is open to collaborative teams, but all members of the team must be living and working in Vermont.


Should I submit a body of work that represents a series, or a selection of work showing multiple aspects of my practice?


How you would like to represent the breadth of your practice is entirely up to you. If you believe your strongest portfolio is made up of a series, please submit a series. If you feel your strongest presentation would be made via a selection of representative pieces spanning multiple bodies of work, styles, or media, please take that approach. In the interest of fairness to all artists who apply, we are unable to provide specific guidance relating to individual submissions beyond these general suggestions.

When will the winner be announced?


The winner will be announced by June 30, 2024 via The Vermont Prize website, press release, and social media.


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